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           A B O U T

  IR - ON

          H O T E L

IR-ON is a uniquely design hotel offerings ultimate relaxation and sincerest Thai hospitality right in the coolest hub of central Bangkok 

IR-ON Hotel lives in a transformed unique industrial design building that reflects historical and modernize Thai cultures. The hotel is located in the most tranquil space of Sukhumvit district, right in the heart of Bangkok providing the best access to the city via BTS and its coolest neighborhood ‘Thong Lor’ within only 5 to 10 minutes walk. Here at IR-ON, you can feel completely at-ease with our Thai homey and sincere hospitality and the best beds in town.


Apart from your stay, IR-ON lobby and common area also offer perfect place for work and for play with fine coffees, traditional Thai fusion food and a creative co-working space for gatherings of international travelers, artists, freelancers and people who just want to discover it.

“Never forget our roots” designs

Our Architectural design has been heavily based on the usage of metals as the main element, with regards to our background having been in the Thai steel industry for more than 30 years. We have therefore placed a major emphasis on the usage of metals as our signature, keeping in mind the perfect architectural ratio between humanity and nature. The façade reflects back towards a Thai local living life style whilst at the same time clearly symbolizing the modernization of Thailand. A lot of our furniture have been made from carefully selected recycled materials, underlining our concern for nature. All rooms have been modernly designed, with unique touches of the industrial world that guests are sure to love. “Never forget your roots”, a common saying in Thailand that we have implemented as our steadfast resolve, showcasing the perfect blend of modern and former Thailand.

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